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25th of March, 2013

No, don't excited. For some odd reason, on my birthday, today, I was speaking about the Sims 1. I came to check if the site was still up and I realised that it still had an old email address as a contact that is now dead! Sorry about that. I must have missed all your emails.

I've updated the contact sections (hopefully everywhere needed) and please use "the simposium at gmail dot com" in future. Just remove all the spaces in the email and replace the "at" with an @ sign.

Anyone still play? If you do and use my stuff, I'd love to hear from you and please send me screen shots.

All the best to everyone!

31st of March, 2007

Go To The General Page Under The General SectionAh, a very long awaited update! Just when everyone thought I had won the lotto and retired to an exotic island without bothering to update the site ... an update!Go To The Mirrors Page Under The General Section

Not everything has been updated yet but I will get to it shortly. There is one incomplete set and one or two small files that never made it into any set.

So what's new? Well, the whole "General" section under "Downloads". This little dresser flashing it's insides at you, a page dedicated to dozens of mirrors from 1 to 3 tile wide, all the lovebeds that were only on Yahoo, and other odds and ends. Look through the three sub-sectionsGo To The Doors Page Under The Build Section

In the "Build" section under doors you will find 5 stainless steel doors that were never released. The bay windows that were previously also only available on Yahoo are now under "Build" and "Bay Windows"

This table looks so much better in the game! It is my own 3D model and design. Find it under "Surfaces". Find It Under The Surfaces Section It is also part of a set that never got made. Yip, you guessed it. There was a wave of Stainless Steel that never arrived.

So as I said before, I am not making anything new but if I ever do make anything else, it will be made available here and I will notify the Yahoo group.

I will announce the next update through the Yahoo group once the last of the new content is on the site.

Oh, did I forget to tell everyone that the donation items are now available for free? Yes I finally got around to it and included are all the free gift type objects that I made. Click on the image link on your top left!  Phew!

To everyone who has never been here before or is new to the Sims 1; hey, have fun downloading and playing your game!  :P

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